Fr. 29.03., 21.00: Deaf At Sea (ZH) + Sleet Walls (ZH) +++ DJ Andrew Sherwell (London)


Club as Club can: Nächsten Freitag 29.03.  ab 21.00 widmet die Wunderkammer einen Abend ganz dem deepen Drone. Deaf at Sea und Sleet Walls verbinden mit field recordings, samples und manipulierten Aufnahmen das Experimentelle der improvisierten Live-Musik mit Andeutungen von Tunes und Beat, unendlich flächig und mächtig-meditativ. Nach der erweiterten Auslegung von Drone, Noise, Doom, Shoegaze und Folk der Angelsächsisch-Zürcher Musiker Deaf at Sea und Sleet Walls spielt kein geringerer als drone producer Andrew Sherwell (London). Be there!



As Deaf At Sea, Steve Fors (New York/Zürich) savors the uneasy territory between control and accident, melody and discord, presence and transience. He currently exploits a sonic palette of field recordings, processed cello and trombone, and original samples recorded onto hand-degraded magnetic tape. “I approach this work—while I stretch, scratch, and otherwise distress the recorded plastic film between my fingers, re-dub to fresh media, and then degrade the tape again—as an improvisation between myself and the cassette. On each progressive manipulation, the tape offers up something surprising and new for me to respond to. It’s this destructive/constructive interplay that is at the root of these new sounds.”


Sleet Walls is a project that interfaces drone, noise, doom, shoegaze, and folk through layers of delay. Like scanning through the channels of a radio distorted through time and memory, fragments of songs are interspersed with aleatoric pulses of static and sustained textures of glitched melodies.


DJ set from London based drone producer Andrew Sherwell. His work combines the influences of Svarte Greiner, The Caretaker, Xela and Eastern European choral music to produce dense and murky devotional drones released on Whitelabrecs and Shimmering Moods Records.

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